Plant the Moon

Need help funding your team’s participation in the Plant the Moon/Mars Challenge?

The Plant the Moon Challenge is for anyone daring enough to explore and stretch the limits of human possibility. We’re piggybacking off of NASA’s new lunar exploration program, Artemis, and giving YOU the chance to help get astronauts back to the moon.

NASA’s Artemis Program is the United States’ new initiative to return to the Moon. And future missions to the Moon will prepare astronauts for manned exploration of Mars! Artemis will explore more of the lunar surface than ever before. However, returning humans to the Moon and planning to go to Mars is challenging in many ways. One of those challenges is how to feed your crew. Using local resources on the Moon could greatly enhance our capabilities to explore our celestial neighborhood.

This begs us to ask the question, can you plant the Moon? Can we plant Mars? Can you grow crops in lunar regolith, a fine grained dusty covering of rocks and minerals spread across the surface of the moon? Can we grow food sustainably on the surface of Mars? What nutrients, fertilizers, or other modifications to the regolith are needed to grow nutrient rich, sustainable food sources for future astronauts?

Understanding how we can use lunar soil to grow crops is one of the next great steps in supporting our return to the Moon! Through the Plant the Moon and Plant Mars Challenge, you can help NASA scientists and the academic community at large learn the best crop conditions to make this happen. Register today to get started!

The Plant the Moon Challenge is currently supported by the Space Grant Consortiums of Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, North Dakota, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Virginia, & West Virginia.

Past Awardees

Spring 2024

Hum, Laura South Canton Scholars Canton, MI
Mullins, Sharon  Warren Woods Christian School Warren, MI
Stricker, Angela TCAPS Montessori Traverse City, MI
Raddatz, Jason Marshall Public Schools Albion, MI

Fall 2023

De Jong, Jenny Willard Library Battle Creek, MI
Kobel, Dave   Wayne Memorial High School   Wayne, MI
Lightle, Merralee Bridge Academy West Detroit, MI
Megge, Kristine  Murphy Elementary  Haslett, MI
Raddatz, Jason Marshall Opportunity High School Albion, MI

Spring 2023

Bentley, Chelsea SEEDS EcoSchool, Betsie Valley Elementary Thompsonville, MI
Cieplechowicz, Leslie Landmark Academy  Emmett, MI
Judson, Jen STEM and Branch Academy  Grand Rapids, MI
Raddatz, Jason Marshall Opportunity High School  Albion, MI
Richards, Bob Stockbridge Jr/Sr High School    Stockbridge, MI

Fall 2022

Ahola, Alexa  NICE Community Schools  Ishpeming, MI
Cieplechowicz, Leslie  Landmark Academy  Emmett, MI
Eva, Taryn   North Park Montessori          Grand Rapids, MI
Head, Kristi Aspen Ridge Elementary     Ishpeming, MI
Menke, Amy J Lansing School District/Mt Hope STEAM Elementary Perry, MI
Nordmark, Genevieve Barkell Elementary  Hancock, MI
Schuett, Jessica   South Range Elementary School   South Range, MI
Tate, Susan    Whitehall Middle School     Whitehall, MI