MSGC 2020-2021 Award Recipients

The tables below show all the MSGC award recipients for 2020-2021.

MSGC Undergraduate Fellowship Award Recipients

Aragon-Orozco, AnthonyHope CollegeDesign of nanomaterials for high absorption levels of CO2
Boltz, LindseyHope CollegeDesign of Nanomaterials for Enhanced Sensing, Extraction, and Recycling of Lithium in Extraterrestrial Environments
Bomers, MeredithHope CollegePolarization and Spin Effects in Compton Scattering in Strong Magnetic Fields
Bridges, MarieWestern Michigan UniversityA Screen Printed Sensor to Detect Estrogen Levels in Liquids
Cardenas-Otoole, AlanahUniversity of MichiganPolar Cap Patches impact on Ionosphere Scintillation
Donovan, CodyOakland UniversityUsing Markov Decision Processes for Autonomous Spacecraft
Duimstra, PeterCalvin UniversityUsing Ground Penetrating Radar to Investigate Sedimentary Archives of Dunes at PJ Hoffmaster State Park
Gardner, EthanGrand Valley State UniversityConstraining the Tectonics and Timing of the Southeastern Caribbean Mountains using Detrital Zircon U-Pb Dating and X-Ray Diffraction
Harlow, BlakeHope CollegeModeling Remote Sensing Data from Sand Dunes
Henderson, LaurenCalvin UniversityAnalysis of the OGLE Archive to Test Contact Binary Star Evolutionary Theory
Hoogendam, WillemCalvin UniversityDistinguishing Multiple Stellar Populations within Galactic Globular Clusters
Kortas, MadisonMichigan State UniversityThe Chon Aike Province; Magmatic Evolution in Relation to Subduction
Krebsbach, JacksonHope CollegeModeling Remote Sensing Data from Sand Dunes
LaDuke, AbigailHope CollegeSynthesis and Characterization of Liquid Crystal Elastomers
Leu, EricHope CollegeThe Mapping of Canopy Gaps and Forest Crown Species using Drone Based Imagery and Machine Learning
Maust, TroyMichigan Technological UniversityAuris: An RF Mission
McGee-Sinclair, RonWestern Michigan UniversityRetrofitting a Low-Cost Hall Effect Thruster with Magnetic Shielding
Molloy, AnnaHope CollegeSynthesis of nanomaterials for urea removal from aqueous solutions
Morath, LeaMichigan Technological UniversityEvaluating Zinc Alloys for Biodegradable Arterial Stents
Nizzi, VictoriaMichigan Technological UniversityThe use of computer modeling to simulate and predict the bio degradation of a magnesium alloy fracture plate
Ramey, ErinHope CollegeRecyclable Polymers for Oxidation Reactions
Rodriguez-Labra, Jose IgnacioWestern Michigan UniversityDevelopment of a Novel Inductively Powered PPG Sensor Array as a Wearable Device to Monitor Various Health Parameters
Sarver, ColletteMichigan Technological UniversityAccurate Theoretical Prediction of Anharmonic Infrared (IR) Spectra of Neutral Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs)
Smith, ElijahGrand Valley State UniversityA Divide-and-Conquer Algorithm for Computing Voronoi Diagrams
Stone, IanGrand Valley State UniversityBreathless: Exploring controls of recurring bottom water hypoxia in a Great Lakes estuary
Strauss, TylerMichigan Technological UniversityEffects of Optogenetic Stimulation of the Subthalamic Nucleus on Stress-Induced Depression
Tuttle, ChaseGrand Valley State UniversitySensing Properties of a New Magnetic Nanoparticle Based Gyroscope
Wylie, ZacheryHope CollegeStability of the Phase Transition of Perovskite Solar Cells

MSGC Virtual Undergraduate Fellowship Award Recipients

Bartley, McKennaHope CollegeStudent Impact in ExploreHope STEM Education Outreach
Detmer, SimonCalvin UniversityExploring the influence of latitude and equatorial bulge on planetary tectonic movement along pre-existing fracture systems
Goderis, DerekMichigan State UniversityLaser Alignment Accuracy and Feedback Control in High-Altitude Quantum Communications System
Hattab, SafiaHope CollegeApplication of Artificial Intelligence Algorithms as a Novel Eye-Tracking Data Analysis Method for Chemistry Education Research and its Application to the Evaluation of Online Chemistry Teaching Materials
Klawitter, PatriciaMichigan Technological UniversityIncreasing Student Interest in STEM through use of the AMJOCH Observatory located at Michigan Tech
Landon, EdwardHope CollegeStatistical learning models for the estimation of disease undercounts
LeFrenier, CorineHope CollegeUnderstanding the impact of chronic low-dose, low energy, proton radiation on systemic inflammation and anxiety-like behaviors in mice
Liddle, AmandaMichigan State UniversityRelating soil physical properties and geochemical signatures to bulk electrical resistivity
Mashburn, CarterMichigan Technological UniversityRaman Spectrometer as a high precision temperature sensor
Masiak, KyleOakland UniversityTowards Development of Deepfake Detection Framework
Miller, MadisynHope CollegeMultimodal stimuli on neural activation in the inferior colliculus of Mus musculus
Ojala, GraceMichigan Technological UniversitySlope monitoring by integrating satellite InSAR, ground-based radar, and GPS measurements
Rogers, AlexisOakland UniversityResearching Strategic Energy Management for the Oakland University Campus
Roselli, JohnUniversity of MichiganNASA MSGC Web-page UX and ADA Compliance Project
Tiwari, ShauryaUniversity of MichiganModeling Variations in Air Quality Stratified by Wind Flow
Zitzelberger, AvenMichigan State UniversityAlgorithms for Complete Physiological Monitoring During Spaceflight

MSGC Graduate Fellowship Award Recipients

Arnold, JoshuaGrand Valley State UniversityAssessing the short-term negative effects of translocation on freshwater mussels: Is substrate or water-quality more important?
Aspin, AlexandriaOakland UniversityExamining mineral controls on amide bond formation under hydrothermal conditions
Brand, JacobGrand Valley State UniversityDeer in Space: Movement patterns and genetic structure of an urban deer population in west Michigan
Coury, MichelaGrand Valley State UniversityRaccoons and turtles: Understanding the complex relationship between subsidized predators and their threatened prey.
Johnson, EmilyWestern Michigan UniversityCell-Based Substance Detection
Lesagonicz, Randi Grand Valley State UniversityThe Scoop on Bat Poop: Detecting Common Apple Pest Insects in Bat Diets
Lowran, KaitlinOakland UniversityDetermining the Type of DNA Damage Caused by Microgravity
Mader, MeganGrand Valley State UniversitySomething fishy is going on: effects of shoreline development and landcover on fish communities along a north-south latitudinal gradient in eastern Lake Michigan
Markwardt, LarissaUniversity of MichiganSearching for Earth Trojans with DECam
Martinetti, LuisMichigan State UniversityShear wave splitting and upper mantle anisotropy in the Caucasus Region
Mueller, SophieMichigan Technological UniversityKeweenaw Fault Geometry and Slip Kinematics from Field Observations and Kinematic Modeling
Neuman, EmilyGrand Valley State UniversityStar Wars: Phenology of Nitellopsis obtusa (starry stonewort) in Pentwater Lake, Michigan
Rapp, JeremyMichigan State UniversityDiscerning Irrigated Agricultural Landscape Spatiotemporal Dynamics Using Artificial Neural Networks and Diverse Remotely Sensed Earth Observations
Rosky, EliseMichigan Technological UniversityFreezing of Mixed-Phase Cloud Droplets: Understanding Mechanisms of Ice Nucleation
Sanchez, AlejandroEastern Michigan UniversityIncreasing the survivability of hatchery raised Red Drum (Sciaenops ocellatus)
Sheets, KathrynGrand Valley State UniversityMining Matters: Predation Pressure & Water Quality in Young Sand Mine Lakes
Spitzer, SarahUniversity of MichiganCharacterizing Heliospheric and Interstellar interactions using pickup ion measurements
Stelly, StevenMichigan Technological UniversityThe Impact of Food Deprivation on Cardiovascular Physiology – Implications for Astronauts
Szlag, ReginaWayne State UniversitySynthesis and Characterization of Bimetallic Fluoroacetates as Luminescent Thermometers
Timm, MitchelMichigan Technological UniversityTransport, Self-Assembly, and Deposition of Colloidal Particles in Evaporating Droplets
Tom, EmilyMichigan Technological UniversityInvestigation of Novel Mg-Zn-Ca Alloys for Bioresorbable Orthopedic Implants
Watts, HannahWestern Michigan UniversityDesign, Fabrication, and Testing of a Torsional Thrust Stand
Wedig, IsaacMichigan Technological UniversityArm Cranking with Blood Flow Restriction; A Potential Exercise for use in Space?
Whitacre, ZachWestern Michigan UniversityRestoration of soil microbial communities to set prairie restorations on a trajectory for long term carbon sequestration
Whitley, KevinUniversity of MichiganTime-Domain Signatures of Supermassive Black Hole Binaries

MSGC Virtual Graduate Fellowship Award Recipients

Adineh, ShadiWestern Michigan UniversityScience identity formation of undergraduate STEM students: The influence of gender identity, racial/ethnic identity, and instruction
Bond, BenjaminOakland UniversityReverse Engineering Attacker Cognition through Malware Analysis
Boss, ConnorMichigan State UniversityCooperative air and ground based robotic teams for planetary exploration
Hittepole, PhilipWestern Michigan UniversityCubeSat Attitude Determination and Control: Assessment of a New Gyroscopic Sensor
Kerber, ThomasWestern Michigan UniversityDesign and Simulation of a Passively-Fed Single Emitter Electrospray and Novel Real-Time Mass Flow Rate Diagnostic
Kinkade, BayleeEastern Michigan UniversityAn Artificial Intelligence Approach to Modeling the Burton Equation and DST
Kulikovskiy, RomanOakland UniversityRobots Learning Tasks from Human Virtual Reality Based Demonstrations
London, RachelUniversity of MichiganNASA Art Project
Mikolajczyk, BrianEastern Michigan UniversityMarsNet
Moutard, DavidWayne State UniversityPhotometric Follow-up Pipeline for Transient Research
Nieman, KipWayne State UniversityNeural Network based Model Predictive Control of Residual Stress in Powder Bed Fusion
Rodriguez-Sepulveda, NelMichigan Technological UniversityA global survey of volcanic SO2 emissions and heat flux measured from space
Stewart, GabrielWayne State UniversityUsing 3D momentum-resolved Laser Desorption Ionization (LDI) to identify biomolecules on Mars
Thomas, ChristopherUniversity of MichiganInfluence of Cloud Thermodynamic Phase on Arctic Surface Radiative States

MSGC NASA Internship Recipients

NameInstitutionNASA Center
Joseph PinakidisMichigan State UniversityLangley Research Center
Lauren Bowling Michigan Technological UniversityLangley Research Center
Liam AlexisUniversity of MichiganGlenn Research Center
Dean YuanUniversity of MichiganLangley Research Center
Kindred GriffisMichigan State UniversityAmes Research Center

HONES Award Recipients (HONES = Hands-On NASA-related Experiences for Student groups)

Group NameCollege/UniversityTitle/Competition
CLAWSUniversity of MichiganNASA SUITS Challenge
HOOPUniversity of MichiganJPL Rover
MapleseedUniversity of MichiganTransformable Mapleseed Airplane Sensor Networks
Project Space RocksGrand Valley State UniversityNASA's Micro-g NExT Competition
Sunseeker Solar Car ProjectWestern Michigan UniversityAmerican Solar Challenge Races
WALIWestern Michigan UniversityOptical Plasma Spectroscopy Cubesat (OPS-Cube)

MSGC Research Seed Grant Recipients

Alawneh, ShadiOakland UniversityGPU Accelerated Gabor Transform for SAR Image Compression
Arefifrar, Seyed AliOakland UniversityEVs Penetration for Minimizing Power System Upgrades
Christians, JeffreyHope CollegeIn situ phase transition kinetics in halide perovskite semiconductors
Docherty, KathrynWestern Michigan UniversityDesigner Microbial Consortia for Growing Corn in Mars Simulant Soil
Giusarma, ElenaMichigan Technological UniversityLearning to simulate the Large-Scale Structure of the Universe with Convolutional Neural Networks
Gonzalez-Pech, NataliaHope CollegeSynthesis of multifunctional nanoparticle-collectors: new interfaces for CO2 recycling
Higley, MelindaCalvin UniversityGeophysical investigation and subsurface characterization of Lake Michigan coastal landforms
Huang, YaoxianWayne State UniversityTimeseries of Column Density of Nitrogen Dioxide and Methane over Detroit Using OMI and TROPOMI Satellite Observations
Katus, RoxanneEastern Michigan UniversityPlasma Sheet Injections: Method Validation
Lemmer, KristinaWestern Michigan UniversityDevelopment of an Electrospray Testing Platform for Ionic Liquid Investigation
Li, JianhuaHope CollegeExploring the Molecular Mechanisms of Differential Carbon Sequestration Trees and Shrubs
Maisonneuve, JonathanOakland UniversityEnergy from fertilizer: Water filtration and power generation in space-based plant cultivation
Mohammadi, AlirezaUniversity of MichiganA Koopman Operator-Based Control Approach for Spacecraft Formation Control Actuated by Low Thrust Actuators
Mukherjee, AvishekSaginaw Valley State UniversityEstimation of the Wireless Signal Field using LTE Log Data
Odle, BrookeHope CollegeFeasibility of a Musculoskeletal Model to Simulate Patient-Handling Activities
Perrine, KathrynMichigan Technological UniversityInfluence of water vapor and cationic species in corrosion reactions on iron interfaces
Philben, MichaelHope CollegeDetermination of the Contribution of Recalcitrant Carbohydrates to the Decay Resistance of Peat-forming Mosses
Portelli, RaechelMichigan State UniversityEvaluating NASA IceSat-2 estimates of above-ground biomass of early successional forests after wildfire using UAS and allometric equations
Renkema, KristinGrand Valley State UniversityDetermining impact of microbial exposure on immune function
Schrenk, MatthewMichigan State UniversityUsing Digital Evolution to Evaluate Biosignatures and the Potential for Emergent Life in Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Chimneys
Stephenson, DarinHope CollegeUsing Machine Learning for Classification of Remote Sensing Data from Sand Dunes
Williams, ZacharyHope College Examining Reduced Model Descriptions of Tearing Modes in Solar Plasmas
Woznicki, SeanGrand Valley State UniversityWetlands in time and space: mapping inundation dynamics and connectivity with remote sensing
Wu, ColinOakland UniversityThe long-term effects of microgravity on human health

MSGC PreCollege Program Award Recipients

EducatorInstitution or OrganizationTitle
Maas, SaraGrand Valley State University2020 STEPS Camp

MSGC Public Outreach Award Recipients

EducatorInstitution or OrganizationTitle
Gipson, Karen
Grand Valley State UniversityRoger That!
Sparks, CarolynCalvin UniversityMeteorite or Meteor-Wrong: Recognizing minerals and textures that are out-of-this-world
Van Dijk, DeannaCalvin UniversityReaching Students with Science at a Strategic Moment: The Appeal of Earth Science Research on Lake Michigan Dunes

MSGC Teacher Training Award Recipients

EducatorInstitution or OrganizationTitle
Lioubimtseva, ElenaGrand Valley State UniversityMichigan resources for climate and land cover change education (MiRCLE)

MSGC Multiple Educational Programs Award Recipients

EducatorInstitution or OrganizationTitle
Archer, GlenMichigan Technological UniversityMichigan Tech Electrical Engineering Outreach Program for pre-college students to build early interest in STEM Areas
Brown, SusanHope CollegeEngineering the Future Academies
Chadde, JoanMichigan Technological UniversityEngaging High School Women and Native Americans in Rural Communities in Environmental Science and Engineering STEM Career Paths
Epstein, PauletteMichigan Science CenterProject Hyperspace: Stage 1
Kobus, ChrisOakland UniversityEarth System Science STEM Camps, Outreach and Teacher Training
Lindsay, HarrietEastern Michigan UniversityHigh School Summer Science Research Program at Eastern Michigan University
McCullen, MeganWayne State UniversityThe Dawn of a New Universe: Sharing the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope with Detroit
Ridge, ChelseaGrand Valley State UniversityEnergizing our World: Hands-On Experience in Sustainability and Renewable Energy
Ruffner, SueEngineering Society of DetroitGirls in Engineering Academy
Scogin, StephenHope CollegeCreating an Effective Evaluation of Authentic Data Monitoring with Middle and High School Students
Webb, MariaDetroit Area Pre College Education ProgramGalaxy Girls at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor
Wescoat, LloydMichigan Technological UniversityCelebrating Lake Superior: A 2020 Water Festival for Grades 4-8

MSGC Virtual Learning Program Award Recipients

EducatorInstitution or OrganizationTitle
Byrd, CassieMichigan Science CenterOnline STEM Programs During the COVID-19 Public Health Crisis
DeVillers, VirginiaPlainwell Aviation and STEM Academy (PASA)Professional Development The Art of Rocket Science
Emmert, AmyBelle Isle Conservancy, Belle Isle AquariumDigital and Virtual Support for How has Belle Isle has Changed? A 4th Grade Earth Science Unit for Detroit Public School Community District.
Fujita, LizMichigan Technological UniversityMobile Device Access for Virtual Workshops
Gochis, EmilyCopper Country ISDVirtual Field Explorations – Using the Backyard as a Science Classroom
McCullen, MeganWayne State University PlanetariumSpace Science Distance Learning Badges for Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan
Percival, LauraNE MiSTEM NetworkVirtual Summer STEM Camps
Stark, JeffreyFlint Cultural Center Corporation and Longway PlanetariumDaily Dose of Science – Virtual Star Tours
Syswerda, SaraPierce Cedar Creek InstituteScienceStrong Now
Thompkins, GeraldThe Engineering Society of DetroitVirtual Program Learning Girls in Engineering Academy
Wininger, LisaMiSTEM NetworkVirtual Air and Space Camp Opportunities

Industry Internships

Bhatt, IshaR2 SpaceEngineering Fellow
Chensue, GavinR2 SpaceSpacecraft Fellow
Cucos, AlexR2 SpaceEngineering Fellow
Lawson, BennettR2 SpaceEngineering Fellow
Levine, EliR2 SpaceEngineering Fellow
Maloney, LiamR2 SpaceEngineering Fellow
Monroe, RenR2 SpaceSpace Weather Fellow
Newberry, JustinR2 SpaceEngineering Fellow
Yockey, KeyenR2 SpaceEngineering Fellow


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