Michigan Astronauts


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Astronaut Deke Slayton

Deke Slayton

Born: March 1, 1924
Retired: February 27, 1982
Died: June 13, 1993
Mission(s): Apollo–Soyuz Test Project
Michigander: (During his time in the USAF) Immediately upon his return to Columbia Army Air Base in 1944 to serve as a B-25 instructor, Slayton applied and was accepted to fly the new A-26 Invader bomber aircraft. He moved to Selfridge Field in Michigan for training, and began preparing for a deployment to the Pacific. Honorary Doctorate in Engineering from Michigan Technological University in 1965.
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Astronaut Karl Gordon Henize

Karl Gordon Henize

Born: October 17, 1926
Died: October 5, 1993
Mission(s): STS-51-F
Michigander: He was awarded a Doctor of Philosophy in astronomy in 1954 by the University of Michigan. Henize married Caroline née Weber in Ann Arbor, Henize was an observer for the University of Michigan Observatory from 1948 to 1951, stationed at the Lamont–Hussey Observatory in Bloemfontein, Union of South Africa. While there, he conducted an objective-prism spectroscopic survey of the southern sky for stars and nebulae showing emission lines of hydrogen.
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Astronaut James McDivitt

James McDivitt

Born: June 10, 1929
Died: October 13, 2022
Mission(s): Gemini 4, Apollo 9
Michigander: He grew up in Kalamazoo, Michigan and graduated from Kalamazoo Central High School in 1947. He then worked for a year to earn enough money to attend junior college. He completed two years at Jackson Junior College (now known as Jackson College) in Jackson, Michigan, from 1948 to 1950. In June 1957, he entered the University of Michigan under the U.S. Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) program, and received his Bachelor of Science degree in aeronautical engineering from the University of Michigan, where he graduated first in his class in 1959.
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Astronaut Theodore Freeman

Theodore Freeman

Born: February 18, 1930
Died: October 31. 1964
Mission(s): None.
Michigander: In 1960, he received a Master of Science degree in aeronautical engineering from the University of Michigan.
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Astronaut James Irwin

James Irwin

Born: March 17, 1930
Retired: July 31, 1972
Died: August 8, 1991
Mission(s): Apollo 15
Michigander: Received Master of Science degrees in Aeronautical Engineering and Instrumentation Engineering from the University of Michigan in 1957.
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Astronaut Ed White

Ed White

Born: November 14, 1930
Died: January 27, 1967
Mission(s): Gemini 4, Apollo 1
Michigander: White enrolled in the University of Michigan under Air Force sponsorship to study aeronautical engineering. His classmates included James McDivitt, Jim Irwin and Ted Freeman. White was awarded his Master of Science degree in 1959.
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Astronaut James. M. Taylor

James M. Taylor

Born: November 27, 1930
Died: September 4, 1970
Mission(s): Program was cancelled before any of the MOL crews reached space
Michigander: Graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering in 1959.

Astronaut Alfred Merrill Worden

Alfred Merril Worden

Born: February 7, 1932
Retired: 1975
Died: March 18, 2020
Mission(s): Apollo 15
Michigander: Born in Jackson, MI. Received a Master of Science degrees in Astronautical/Aeronautical Engineering and Instrumentation Engineering from the University of Michigan in 1963.
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Astronaut David Scott

David Scott

Born: June 6, 1932
Status: Retired
Mission(s): Gemini 8, Apollo 9, Apollo 15
Michigander: Accepted a swimming scholarship to the University of Michigan where he was an honor student in the engineering school. Set a freshman record in the 440-yard freestyle.
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Astronaut Roger B. Chaffee

Roger B. Chaffee

Born: February 15, 1935
Died: January 27, 1967
Mission(s): Apollo 1
Michigander: Chaffee was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he became an Eagle Scout. He graduated from Central High School in 1953.
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Astronaut Jack Robert Lousma (Colonel, USMC, RET.)

Jack Robert Lousma

Born: February 29, 1936
Retired: October 1, 1983
Mission(s): Skylab 3, STS-3
Michigander: Born in Grand Rapids, MI. Graduated from Ann Arbor High School in Ann Arbor, MI. Received a Bachelor of Science degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the University of Michigan in 1959. Presented an honorary Doctorate of Astronautical Science from the University of Michigan in 1973, an honorary Doctor of Science from Hope College in 1982, and an honorary Doctor of Science in Business Administration from Cleary College in 1986. Member of the University of Michigan “M” Club.
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Astronaut John M. Fabian

John M. Fabian

Born: January 28, 1939
Status: Retired
Mission(s): STS-7, STS-51-G
Michigander: Spent 5 years as a KC-135 co-pilot, aircraft commander, and instructor pilot at Wurtsmith Air Force Base, Michigan.
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Astronaut Anthony W. England

Anthony W. England

Born: May 15, 1942
Retired: August 31, 1988
Mission(s): STS-51-F
Michigander: Currently the Dean of the College of Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Michigan’s Dearborn campus.
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Astronaut Brewster H. Shaw

Brewster H. Shaw

Born: May 16, 1945
Status: Retired
Mission(s): STS-9, STS-61-B, STS-28
Michigander: Born in Cass City, MI.
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Astronaut David C. Leestma

David C. Leestma

Born: May 6, 1949
Status: Retired
Mission(s): STS-41-G, STS-28, STS-45
Michigander: Born in Muskegon, MI.
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Astronaut Kenneth D. Cameron

Kenneth D. Cameron

Born: November 29, 1949
Retired: December 1, 2008
Mission(s): STS-37, STS-56, STS-74
Michigander: He earned a Master of Business Administration degree from Michigan State University in 2002.
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Astronaut Winston E. Scott

Winston E. Scott

Born: August 6, 1950
Retired: July 1, 1999
Mission(s): STS-72, STS-87
Michigander: In 2007, he received an honorary degree from Michigan State University for his work in space, which is regarded as a case study in leadership and expert communications. He also spoke at the 2007 commencements at Michigan State, encouraging students to believe in themselves and follow their dreams.
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Astronaut James P. Bagian

James P. Bagian

Born: February 22, 1952
Status: Active
Mission(s): STS-29, STS-40
Michigander: Currently the Director of the Center for Healthcare Engineering and Patient Safety at the University of Michigan.
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Astronaut Donald R. McMonagle

Donald R. McMonagle

Born: May 14, 1952
Status: Retired
Mission(s): STS-39, STS-54, STS-66
Michigander: Born in Flint, MI.
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Astronaut Daniel T. Barry

Daniel T. Barry

Born: December 30, 1953
Status: Retired
Mission(s): STS-72, STS-96, STS-105
Michigander: He completed an internship and a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation residency at the University of Michigan in 1985. He was appointed as an assistant professor in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and in the Bioengineering Program at the University of Michigan in 1985, and his tenure was approved by the Regents in 1992. Barry’s work has been supported by the American Heart Association of Michigan.
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Astronaut J. M. Linenger, M.D.

J. M. Linenger, M.D.

Born: January 16, 1955
Status: Retired
Mission(s): STS-64, STS-81/84 (Mir EO-22/23)
Michigander: Born in East Detroit, MI.
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Astronaut Richard A. Searfoss

Richard A. Searfoss

Born: June 5, 1956
Died: September 29, 2018
Mission(s): STS-58, STS-76, STS-90
Michigander: Searfoss was born on June 5, 1956, in Mount Clemens, Michigan.
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Astronaut David C. Leestma

Brent W. Jett Jr.

Born: October 5, 1958
Retired: January 2013
Mission(s): STS-72, STS-81, STS-97, STS-115
Michigander: Born in Pontiac, MI
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Astronaut Michael J. Bloomfield

Michael J. Bloomfield

Born: March 16, 1959
Status: Retired
Mission(s): STS-86, STS-97, STS-110
Michigander: Born in Flint, MI
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Astronaut Michael P. Anderson

Michael P. Anderson

Born: December 25, 1959
Died: February 1, 2003
Mission(s): STS-89, STS-107
Michigander: From January 1991 to September 1992, he served as an aircraft commander and instructor pilot in the 920th Air Refueling Squadron, Wurtsmith Air Force Base, Michigan.
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Astronaut George D. Zamka

George D. Zamka

Born: 1962
Status: Retired
Mission(s): STS-120, STS-130
Michigander: Amung a few other cities, he was raised in Rochester Hills, Michigan. He graduated from Rochester Adams High School in Michigan in 1980.
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Astronaut Leland Melvin

Leland D. Melvin

Born: February 15, 1964
Status: Retired
Mission(s): STS-122, STS-129
Michigander: Melvin was chosen by the Detroit Lions in the 11th round of the 1986 NFL Draft as a wide receiver. During training camp, he pulled a hamstring and was released from the team in late August.
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Astronaut Andrew J. Feustel

Andrew J. Feustel

Born: August 25, 1965
Status: Active
Mission(s): STS-125, STS-134, Soyuz MS-08 (Expedition 55/56)
Michigander: He grew up in Lake Orion, Michigan, where he graduated from Lake Orion High School in 1983, and received an AS degree from Oakland Community College in 1985. While attending community college, Feustel worked as an auto mechanic at International Autoworks, Ltd., Farmington Hills, Michigan, restoring 1950s Jaguars. His summers were spent working as a commercial and industrial glazier near his home in Michigan.
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Astronaut Dominic A. Antonelli

Dominic A. Antonelli

Born: August 23, 1967
Status: Retired
Mission(s): STS-119, STS-132
Michigander: Born in Detroit, MI
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Astronaut Jeanette Epps

Jeanette Epps

Born: November 3, 1970
Status: Active
Mission(s): Boeing Starliner-1
Michigander: After graduating, Epps worked in research at Ford Motor Company, then as a Technical Intelligence Officer with the Central Intelligence Agency. Her work at the Ford Motor Company, resulted in a provisional patent involving the application of magnetostrictive actuators to reduce vibrations in the suspension control arms, and later, a US patent for detection of the location of a frontal collision in an automobile. She worked at the CIA for seven years, including deployments to Iraq.
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Astronaut Josh A. Cassada

Josh A. Cassada

Born: July 18, 1973
Status: Active
Mission(s): SpaceX Crew-5 (Expedition 68/69)
Michigander: Cassada graduated from Albion College in 1995 with a Bachelor of Arts in Physics. Cassada graduated summa cum laude from Albion College.
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Astronaut Christina Koch

Christina H. Koch

Born: January 29, 1979
Status: Active
Mission(s): Soyuz MS-12/Soyuz MS-13 (Expedition 59/60/61)
Michigander: Born in Grand Rapids, MI
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Astronaut Andre Douglas

Andre Douglas

Born: 1986
Status: Candidate
Mission(s): TBA
Michigander: Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering as well as a Master’s Degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from the University of Michigan
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