MSGC Award Recipients

The tables below show all the MSGC award recipients for 2021-2022. 

MSGC Undergraduate Fellowship Award Recipients

Adamski, JacobOakland UniversityRare-earth ‘Salen’ Phosphors as Up-converting Antennae for Photovoltaics
Anderson, JosephineMichigan State UniversitySeismic Event Discrimination in Siberia
Boltz, LindseyHope CollegeDesign of Nanomaterials for Enhanced Sensing, Extraction, and Recycling of Lithium
Bott, CaitlynCalvin UniversityProject Title: Influence of grain size, mineralogy, and soil moisture on ground penetrating radar at Dune 2, Hoffmaster State Park
Bryan, LaurenHope CollegeUronic Acid Content of Sphagnum as a Proxy for the Response of Peatlands to Climate Change
Clugston, Jadon Western Michigan UniversityElectronic Realization of a Fractional-Order Chaotic System
Davenport, StevenHope CollegeSynthesis of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles for Solar Disinfection from Aqueous Solutions
DeMott, GabrielleUniversity of Michigan Geospatial mapping of wildland fire air pollution for human exposure
Diephuis, WilliamHope CollegeSynthesis of Zirconium Oxide-Based Nanomaterials to Catalyze Oxygen Reduction in PEM Fuel Cells
Gagnier, BridgetHope CollegeDeveloping and Validating a Sensor Fusion Algorithm
Goderis, Derek Michigan State UniversityAI-Informed Balloon Quantum Demonstration Mission
Harlow, BlakeHope CollegeStreamlining and Validating Algorithms for Constructing Digital Elevation Models of Lake Michigan Dune Imagery
Herlinger, JillianCalvin UniversityMichigan to Mars: Applications of Geophysical Surveys on Inland Dunes
Hoogendam, WillemCalvin UniversityModeling Globular Clusters
Iheme, OnyinyechiCalvin UniversitySediment characteristics of the upper units of landslide-prone bluffs along the Southwest shoreline of Lake Michigan
Jenkins, BenjaminGrand Valley State UniversityRevisiting the Facility Location Problem with Densities
Kowalski, JacobHope CollegeInvestigating Cinnamate Functionalized Liquid Crystal Oligomers for Facile Material Synthesis and Alignment
Mandeville, JamesHope CollegeImproving Design Rules for Stable Halide Perovskite Materials
McLinden, MollyHope CollegeEcotoxicity of the Nanoparticle: Changes in the behavior and physiology of the house sparrow (Passer domesticus)
Molloy, AnnaHope CollegeSynthesis of nanomaterials for urea removal from aqueous solutions
Mullen, KristinaSaginaw Valley State UniversitySecuring web profile and data through typing pattern
Pinto Reveggino, RenatoMichigan Technological UniversityMultiple Wavelength Measurements of Volcanic Ash Absorptivity and Single-Scattering Albedo
Porter, TristanHope CollegeSynthesis of ZnO and Fe2O3 nanomaterials as Antibacterial Agent
Romano, GiulianoOakland UniversityStructural Modification of Subphthalocyanines as Fluorescence Probes for Real-time Tumor Detection
Romanski, AllisonGrand Valley State UniversityEvaluating Spatial and Temporal Water Quality Variability in the Grand River, Michigan
Shaw, RachelHope CollegeDetermination of the Bioavailability of Organic Nitrogen in the Decomposition of Peat Moss
Sherrard, MorganHope CollegeChromatic contrast of avian plumage is altered in forests subjected to increased deer browsing
Spence, LiamUniversity of MichiganMiniature Tether Electrodynamics Experiment (MiTEE) CubeSat
Strach, ChloeMichigan Technological UniversityUnderstanding and predicting the fate of 1,4-dioxane in the aqueous phase UV/chloramine advanced oxidation process
Vance, WilliamHope College"Developing efficient code for computing spin-dependent Compton cross section in magnetar magnetospheres

MSGC Graduate Fellowship Award Recipients

Addie, LeonaGrand Valley State UniversityLandscape Genetics of the Snowshoe Hare: Assessing Gene and Dispersal at a Southern Range Boundary
Alger, JessicaMichigan Technological UniversityPromoting Green Space Equity in Urban Areas with Water Resources Challenges
Badger Hanson, EllenWestern Michigan UniversityExploring the Effects of Prairie Restoration Size on Soil Microbial Communities and Soil Carbon Storage
Bullen, DianaMichigan Technological UniversityUsing a Biologically Enhanced Silica Recovery System to Retrieve Valuable Non-Renewable Resources from Waste Material
Carr, RobertWayne State UniversityZowada Observatory Pipeline Optimization for Transient Observations
Courtney, DeirdreWestern Michigan UniversityDeveloping Education Materials for Environmental Justice Outreach Initiatives
Dugener, NateGrand Valley State UniversityOut of oxygen: Exploring the causes and consequences of bottom water hypoxia in a Great Lakes estuary using time-series measurements, observations, and modeling
Foley, EllenGrand Valley State UniversityLake Responses to Elevated Levels of Chloride and Phosphorus
Gannon, IanMichigan Technological UniversityCritical Mineral Potential in the Vulcan Quadrangle and Adjoining Areas, Dickinson County, Upper Peninsula of Michigan
Howell, BrockMichigan Technological UniversityEffective Optimization of Groundwater Extraction Through the Development of Computational Tools
Lyons, SavannahEastern Michigan UniversityIrradiation Source for Exoplanet Atmospheric Spectra (ISEAS)
Malsky, IsaacUniversity of MichiganSimulating the Photoevaporative Outflow of Metastable Helium in Sub-Neptunes
Mariscal, NoribethWayne State UniversityUsing Satellite Observations and an Earth System Model to Quantify the Impacts of Air Pollution and Meteorological Conditions on Ozone Air Quality in Metropolitan Detroit, Michigan
Markwardt, LarissaUniversity of MichiganFinding the Faintest Neptune Trojans with Shift and Stack
Messina, DominicWayne State UniversitySafety Verification for Autonomous Agents with Vision-Based Sensing
Mohrhardt, BenjaminMichigan Technological UniversityFate of Photo-viable Dissolved Free Amino Acids under Sunlight Irradiation in Natural Aquatic Environment
Moutard, DavidWayne State UniversityZowada Follow-up of DESI Transients
Neff, AlexisGrand Valley State UniversityHabitat Use and Movement Patterns of Burbot (Lota lota) in the Grand River Watershed
Nelson, KateMichigan Technological UniversityMeasuring CO2 fertilization of tropical forests from volcanic soil gas emissions using remote sensing: Volcán Rincón de la Vieja, Costa Rica
Nieman, KipWayne State UniversityData-Driven Model Predictive Control of Residual Stress in Powder Bed Fusion
Nold, NatalieMichigan Technological UniversityImproved Vaccine Production to Reduce Pandemic-Related Health Risks
O'Connor, KassidyMichigan Technological UniversityUsing Satellite Aperture Radar to Improve Wildfire-Causing Debris Flow Mapping on the West Coast
Oleson, JonathanMichigan Technological UniversityA Machine Learning Model for Mechanics of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes for Space-Composite Materials
Petersen, MaggieGrand Valley State UniversityThe impact of microplastic ingestion on gut microbial communities and their downstream health effects in a freshwater fish species
Shaw, EmilyMichigan Technological UniversityToxicity in Fish Tissue: Redefining our Understandings by Quantifying Mixture Toxicity
Smith, ChristianWestern Michigan UniversityInvestigating urban convergence of airborne microbial communities on a continental scale
Studinger, AmandaMichigan Technological UniversityQuantum Chemical Assessment of the Complexation Competition of Small PAHs with a Coronene Substrate in the Interstellar Medium
Walt, JonathanGrand Valley State UniversityMapping the spread of invasive plants in Michigan wetlands
Wedig, Isaac Michigan Technological UniversityArm Cranking with Blood Flow Restriction; A Potential Exercise for use in Space?
Whitley, KevinUniversity of MichiganTime-Domain Signatures of Low-Mass-Ratio SMBH Binaries

NASA Internships

NameInstitution/NASA CenterInternship Position
Coury, CaylaMichigan State University/Goddard Space Flight CenterRoman Space Telescope Spacecraft Thermal Design - Virtual

HONES Award Recipients (HONES = Hands-On NASA-related Experiences for Student groups)

Group NameAffiliateTitle/Competition
GV Moon MinersGrand Valley State UniversityLunar Coring Device for Microgravity Challenge

MSGC Research Seed Grant Recipients

Ayoobi, MohsenWayne State UniversitySyngas Characteristics for Application in Micro-Satellite Thrusters and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)
Battistuzzi, Fabia UrsulaOakland UniversityEffects of microgravity on genomic variability
CHOLIS, ILIASOakland UniversityCorrelations of Cosmic Ray Data in Search of Spectral Features
Elinski, MeaganHope CollegeMultifaceted Surface Coatings from Composite Dry Lubrication Schemes
Fredericks, ErikGrand Valley State UniversityMinimizing Power Consumption of Run-Time Software Testing Strategies in Cyber-Physical Systems
Khan, MohammadSaginaw Valley State UniversityElectromagnetic Detection of Failure in Electronic Interconnects: Reliability of Electrical Interconnects for Space Vehicles
Mazumder, A K M MonayemSaginaw Valley State UniversityEmitting Electrodes Effect on a Two-Stage EHD Gas Pump with Uneven Applied Voltages
Paheding, SidikeMichigan Technological UniversityMonitoring Martian landslides using deep learning and data fusion
Thomas, DerekGrand Valley State UniversityUnderstanding the link between aggregation in spaceflight and biofilm formation in the opportunistic fungal pathogen Candida albicans
Vick-Majors, TristaMichigan Technological UniversityShining a light on habitability: biological and organic entrapment in freshwater ice
Villa-Diaz, LuisOakland UniversityUse of Simulated Microgravity to determine molecular signaling enhancing self-renewal of pluripotent stem cells
Yang, AnkunOakland UniversityDesign lithium-sulfur battery with high energy densities
Yang, ZimingOakland UniversityReactivity and stability of amides in habitable hydrothermal environments

MSGC PreCollege Program Award Recipients

EducatorInstitution or OrganizationTitle
Bowman, LukeMichigan Technological UniversityCareer Connection Explorations: Enriching Middle School STEM Curriculum Using NASA Resources
Lindsay, HarrietEastern Michigan UniversityHigh School Summer Science Research Experience at Eastern Michigan University
Maas, SaraGrand Valley State UniversityScience Technology & Engineering Preview Summer Camp: STEPS Co-Pilot 2021
McCullen, Megan Wayne State UniversityWSU Open House for Children with Incarcerated Family Members
Pachla, KrisGrand Valley State UniversityEnergizing our World
Thompkins, GeraldThe Engineering Society of DetroitGirls in Engineering Academy

MSGC Public Outreach Award Recipients

EducatorInstitution or OrganizationTitle
LaPensee, ElizabethMichigan State UniversityAnishinaabe Star Knowledge Planetarium Show
Gipson, KarenGrand Valley State UniversityRoger That! A Celebration of Space Exploration
van Dijk, DeannaCalvin UniversityReaching Students with Science at a Strategic Moment: The Appeal of Earth Science Research on Lake Michigan Dunes

MSGC Teacher Training Award Recipients

EducatorInstitution or OrganizationTitle
Hart-Jansma, CatherinePierce Cedar Creek InstituteElementary Engineering
Lioubimtseva, ElenaGrand Valley State UniversityMichigan Resources for Climate and Land Cover Change Education (MiRCLE): Vulnerability and Equity

MSGC Multiple Educational Programs Award Recipients

EducatorInstitution or OrganizationTitle
Dummer, CarrieHope CollegeEngineering the Future Academies
DeVillers, VirginiaPlainwell Aviation and STEM Academy (PASA)Take Wing and Fly
Ipri Brown, SusanHope CollegePreparing STEM Teachers
Webb, MariaDAPCEP (Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering Program)Galaxy Academy at the University of Michigan & DAPCEP Teacher Training


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