MSGC 2018 – 2019 Award Recipients

The tables below show all the MSGC award recipients for 2018-2019.

MSGC Undergraduate Fellowship Award Recipients

Brinks, MarcusHope CollegeThe Integration of NIR Active Azo-Dyes into an Elastomeric Polymer System through use of Thiol-Yne Click Chemistry
Bristol, KatieMichigan Technological UniversityInvestigation of the Solar Nebula's Magnetic Field Strength from the Allende Meteorite Chondrules
Chamberlain, CarmenHope CollegeCharacterization of Strontium-Doped Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticles with an Iron Oxide Core
Dewey, NicholasGrand Valley State UniversityIn Pursuit of High-Energy Molecules: Why Do Some First-Row Transition Metals Transfer Carbene to Isocyanide While Others Do Not?
Donaldson, AlexandraHope CollegeUsing remote sensing to study ecological changes associated with hydrologic fluctuations in an interdunal wetland
Farnsworth, JakeOakland UniversityRare-earth Complexes as Upconverting and Downconverting Antennae in Solar Cells
Gast, TylerHope CollegeClassifying mass shooting incidents across the United States
Kosnik, BrendanGrand Valley State UniversityAssessing the Survivorship of Hurricane Maria by an Epiphyte Community in Puerto Rico
Larson, EleanoreGrand Valley State UniversityInvestigating groundwater springs and possible sapping valleys in western Ottawa County, Michigan, U.S.A.
Lowran, KaitlinOakland UniversityEvaluations of Microgravity on DNA Repair
Oliver, AlexanderMichigan Technological UniversityEvaluating Biodegradable Zinc Stent Materials
Rabitoy, MadeleineHope CollegePopulation synthesis with realistic magnetospheric emission geometry
Shavalier, SydneyGrand Valley State UniversityDevelopment of Organic Flow Cell Electrolytes for Terrestrial and Space Based Large-Scale Energy Storage
Stid, JacobHope CollegeUsing Remote Sensing Information from Drone Flights to Create Sensitivity to Mobilization Maps of Coastal Dune Systems
VanKooten, AlexCalvin UniversityDistinguishing Multiple Populations in Galactic Clusters
Weeden, TaylorGrand Valley State UniversityMapping the form and areal coverage of small inland dunes in western Michigan using digital elevation models and satellite imagery.

MSGC Graduate Fellowship Award Recipients

Azari, AbigailUniversity of MichiganThe High Energy Plasma Environment at Saturn and Relation to Interchange Injections by Planetary Longitude
Choi, EveGrand Valley State UniversityFrogs in a Climate Changing World: Toxic Effects of the Biological Pesticide, Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis, on North American Frog Larvae
Coscarelli, EricaMichigan Technological UniversityReaction Mechanisms for the Degradation of Trace Organic Contaminants Through Advanced Oxidation Processes
Danhoff, BrianMichigan Technological UniversityUse of Structure from Motion (SfM) Photogrammetry to Evaluate Fluvial Substrate
Essenburg, LucasWestern Michgan UniversityReal-Time Neuron Stimulation Device: Analog Electronics
Greenlund, IanMichigan Technological UniversitySleep in Space: Sleep Restriction, Nuerovascular Control, and Orthostatic Intolerance
Kawash, AdamMichigan State UniversityRadio Emission from V5666 Sgr
Kerber, ThomasWestern Michgan UniversityThe Effect of Hollow Cathode Oscillations on Magnetically Shielded Hall Effect Thruster instabilities and Pole Erosion
Mairet, SannaMichigan Technological UniversityInvestigating the Relationship Between Volcanic Sulfur Dioxide Concentrations and Human Population and Land Use Changes through Geographic Visualization
Mooney, MargaretWestern Michgan UniversityInteractions Between Iodine and Thermionic Emitting Insert Materials for the Design of Hollow Cathodes
Petryk, BrandiMichigan Technological UniversityThe Origin of an Archean Batholith- Michigan’s Upper Peninsula
Phillips, KevinMichigan Technological UniversityCold water therapy as a recovery intervention during spaceflight operations
Powell, JaredEastern Michigan UniversityInvestigating Radio Wave Reflection caused by Plasma Sheaths
Preville, NicholasGrand Valley State UniversityHabitat Use and Site Occurrence of the threatened River Redhorse sucker (Moxostoma carinatum) in the Grand River, MI, USA.
Rivera, YeimyUniversity of MichiganEmpirical modeling of CMEs using near-Earth ionic measurements
Schooley, AliciaUniversity of MichiganSpace Weather Propagation in the Inner Heliosphere
Shaw, EmilyMichigan Technological UniversityMapping the Co-distribution of Mercury and Polychlorinated Biphenyls in Michigan Upper Peninsula Lakes
Sutton, SaraOakland UniversityAn Automated Tool for repairing Average Recovery Time

MSGC NASA Internship Recipients

NameInstitutionNASA Center
Marshall, BreeanneWayne State University
Ward, LaurenUniversity of Michigan

MSGC Research Seed Grant Recipients

Balili, RyanCalvin UniversityOptically Detected Field Sensing in Point Defects of Carbon Materials
Fajardo-Hansford, ClaudiaWestern Michgan UniversityEffect of Molecular Quantum State Density in a Plasma-Assisted Combustion System
Fateye, BabasolaGrand Valley State UniversityFarm to lake: quantitative analysis of antibiotics, and metagenomic characterization of microflora in effluents from livestock farms contiguous to Lake Michigan.
Islam, RiadulUniversity of MichiganSingle Event Transient Induced Double Node Upset Hardened Memory System
Minerick, AdrienneMichigan Technological UniversityMSGC Research Seed Proposal: Microfluidic Dynamic Cell Concentration Tuner for Medical Diagnostics
Nyamai, PriscillaGrand Valley State UniversityButterfly blues: Genetic diversity, population structure, and microclimatic drivers of wild lupine in endangered Karner blue butterfly habitats
Stukey, JosephHope CollegeNatural selection of bacterial virus genome architecture drives new gene creation and expands Earth’s genetic diversity
Walhout, MatthewCalvin UniversityComputer Modeling of Plasma Structures and Processes
Wu, ColinOakland UniversityEvaluations of Microgravity on DNA Repair
Zhang, WeiOakland UniversityExplore organic-inorganic hybrid perovskites for spin-based thermoelectric devices

PreCollege Program

EducatorInstitution or OrganizationTitle
Chadde, JoanMichigan Technological UniversitySTEM Career Exploration for Detroit High School Students
Doughty, BrianMichigan Technological UniversityTechnology and Outdoor Learning
Elmer, StevenMichigan Technological UniversityIntroducing Space Medicine to High School Students in the Upper Peninsula
Maas, SaraGrand Valley State University2018 STEPS Camp for Girls
Pachla, Kristofer Grand Valley State UniversityEnergizing Our World Summer Camp 2018
Thompkins, Gerald ESDThe Girls in Engineering Academy

Public Outreach Program

EducatorInstitution or OrganizationTitle
Gipson, KarenGrand Valley State UniversityRoger That!
van Dijk, Deanna Calvin UniversityReaching Students with Science at a Strategic Moment: The Appeal of Earth Science Research on Lake Michigan Dunes

Teacher Training Program

EducatorInstitution or OrganizationTitle
Lark, Amy Michigan Technological UniversityTeacher Training: The Next Generation Science Standards in Theory and Practice
Sheerin, James Eastern Michigan UniversityNew Worlds

Multiple Educational Programs

EducatorInstitution or OrganizationTitle
Brown, SusanHope CollegeAir Quality Monitoring in the Middle and High School Grade
Kobus, ChrisOakland UniversityEarth System Science STEM Camps, Outreach and Teacher Training
Mann, Eric Hope CollegeEngineering the Future Academy
Webb, MariaDAPCEPDAPCEP Summer Galaxy Academy and Middle-High School Teacher Training

Hands-On NASA-related Experiences for Student groups (HONES)

Group NameCollege/UniversityTitle/Competition
CLAWSUniversity of Michigan
MapleseedUniversity of Michigan


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