2020 Fall Conference Presentations

The following is a list of presentations for the 2020 MSGC Virtual Fall Conference in the order that they will present. Please watch the 3-5 minute videos prior to the conference on October 17th, 2020. During the conference the presenters will have a 1-minute slide presentation and then have a 1-minute Q&A fielded by a moderator. Here is a pdf version of the session lists. Here is an Excel version of the session lists. Make sure to subscribe to MSGC’s YouTube channel here.

Session 1

Author(s)AffiliateTitleYouTube Link
Gipson, Rhodes, Swanson, WeibelGVSUMaking Waves about Roger: Incorporating a Water theme into the “Roger That!” Symposium Watch Now
LandonHopeUsing statistical learning for model selection and estimation of the effects of modified social behavior for mitigating COVID-19 infection Watch Now
TomMTUInvestigation of Novel Mg-Zn-Ca Alloys for Bioresorbable Orthopedic Implants Watch Now
StarkLongway PlanetariumDaily Dose Science for the General Public Watch Now
Dummer, SlenkHopeEngineering the Future: A Hybrid Virtual and Hands-on STEM summer experience for high-needs students Watch Now
Percival, WiningerMiSTEMVirtual Air and Space Summer Camp Watch Now
Epstein, SternerMichigan Science CenterMichigan Science Center’s Online STEM Programs During the COVID-19 Public Health Crisis Watch Now
Ipri Brown, GersondeHopeVirtual Reality STEM, Real Life Careers Watch Now
KhanSVSUOn the selection of inter-chip interconnects materials for electronic chips Watch Now
FujitaMTUTwo Approaches to ECE Pre-College Outreach Watch Now
BondOaklandDiscovering Attacker Cognition Vulnerability from Malware Watch Now
RogersOaklandOakland University's Energy Exploration Watch Now
PfeifferOaklandEV Penetration for Minimizing Power System Upgrades Watch Now
Rodriguez-LabraWMUDevelopment of a PPG Sensor Array as a Wearable Device to Monitor Cardiovascular Metrics Watch Now
Cardenas-O'TooleUMStatistical and event analysis of phase and amplitude scintillations associated with polar cap patches Watch Now
Brennecke, TuttleGVSUMagnetic Nanoparticle Based Motion Sensing Watch Now
KuruppuSVSUPosition Sensor Offset Error Quantification in Synchronous Machines Watch Now
BartleyHopeStudent Impact in ExploreHope STEM Education Outreach Watch Now
NiemanWSUNeural Network based Model Predictive Control of Residual Stress in Powder Bed Fusion Watch Now
SteinerMSUPetro-stratigraphic analysis ofplagioclase-rich lavas in northern Kenya reveal prolonged high-temperature storage of magma in a flood basalt province. Watch Now
SvobodaMSUInvestigating pyroxeniteas the source of Eocene-recent Patagonian back-arc magmatism Watch Now

Session 2

Author(s)AffiliateyTitleYouTube Link
LioubimtsevaGVSUThe Michigan Resources on Climate and Land Change Education (MiRCLE) Watch Now
BiddandaGVSUFirst Tango? Extant “Mat World” Analog Microbes Synchronize Migration to a Diurnal Tempo Watch Now
CouryGVSUSpatial Ecology and Survival Analysis of a spotted turtle population in Southwest Michigan Watch Now
KovacsHopeThe Effect of Serotonin on Male Responses to Female Ultrasonic Vocalizations and Urine in the House Mouse (Mus musculus) Watch Now
DuimstraCalvinUsing Ground Penetrating Radar to Investigate a Sedimentary Archive at PJ Hoffmaster State Park Watch Now
HarlowHopeConstructing Digital Terrain Models from Lake Michigan Dune Imagery Watch Now
KrebsbachHopeDunes & Drones: A Machine Learning Approach for Mapping Vegetation with Aerial and Ground-Based Photography Watch Now
StephensonHopeUsing Machine Learning to Model West Michigan Dune Complexes Watch Now
van DijkCalvinBuilding a Dune on Campus: Innovation and Perseverance in Science Watch Now
AspinOaklandHydrothermal synthesis and reactivity of amides in habitable environments Watch Now
SzlagWSUSingle-Source Precursors for Mixed-Metal Fluorides: Synthesis of Rubidium─Alkaline Earth Trifluoroacetates Watch Now
Hile, Koehl, Lundy, PhilbenHopeEffects of differences in cell wall biochemistry on the microbial decomposition of Sphagnum (peat moss) Watch Now
LiddleMSUMeasuring soil physical, geochemical, and electrical properties to help reveal the hidden world of roots. Watch Now
Walt, WoznickiGVSUWetlands in time and space: mapping inundation dynamics and connectivity with remote sensing Watch Now
ArnoldGVSUAssessing The Short-term Effects Of Translocation On Freshwater Mussels: Is Habitat Or Water-quality More Important? Watch Now
SanchezEMUIncreasing the survivability of hatchery raised Red Drum (Sciaenops Ocellatus) Watch Now
HamsherGVSUSinkhole Microbial Communities: Documenting Diversity of These Unique Environments Watch Now
HigleyCalvinGeophysical investigation and subsurface characterization of Lake Michigan coastal landforms Watch Now
MaderGVSUChlorophyll-a and land cover in eastern Lake Michigan: Preliminary results Watch Now
MancusuGVSUBloom or bust: Search for phytoplankton community drivers using long-term time-series observations and field measurements in a model Great Lakes estuar Watch Now
NeumanGVSUPreliminary Results -- Star Wars: Phenology of the aquatic invasive species starry stonewort (Nitellopsis obtusa; Charaeae) in two Michigan drowned river mouth lakes Watch Now
StoneGVSUBreathless: Muskegon Lake Hypoxia and Drivers in the 2010s Watch Now
SviercoskiOaklandThe problem of Multiple Scale Applied to the Coupled of Water Flux and Heat Exchanges near the Subsurface Watch Now

Session 3

Author(s)AffiliateTitleYouTube Link
DonovanOaklandUsing Markov Decision Processes for Autonomous Spacecraft Watch Now
MikolajczykEMUMarsnet: A neural network for predicting conditions in the upper atmosphere of Mars Watch Now
BowlingMTUAdvanced Structures and Materials Technology Integration for a Lunar Habitat Watch Now
Gleeson, LaFrenierHopeUnderstanding the Impact of Chronic Low-Dow Dose Radiation on Mental Health and Behavior in Mice Watch Now
LowranOaklandDetermining the Type of DNA Damage Caused by Microgravity Watch Now
RenkemaGVSUEvaluating the impact of microbial experience on immunity Watch Now
Villa-Diaz, TimilsinaOaklandMicrogravity enhances self-renewal and proliferation of human pluripotent stem cells by regulating CDK2/4 Watch Now
WedigMTUArm Cranking with Blood Flow Restriction: A Potential Exercise for use in Space? Watch Now
ZitzelbergerMSUAlgorithms for Complete Physiological Monitoring During Spaceflight Watch Now
DeVillersPlainwell Aviation and STEM Academy (PASA)Rocketry Professional Development Training Watch Now
BossMSUCooperative air and ground based robotic teams for planetary exploration Watch Now
JohnsonMTUMTU’s Lunabotics Team the Astro Huskies Presents: The Design, Manufacturing, and Testing of our Inaugural Lunabotics Rover Watch Now
KinkadeEMUSolar Weather Modeling with Neural Networks Watch Now
LeCalvinTalk 1: The Evolution of Contact Binary Stars: Observational Tests of Model Results Watch Now
AveryCalvinTalk 2: The Evolution of Contact Binary Stars: Observational Tests of Model Results Watch Now
HendersonCalvinTalk 3: The Evolution of Contact Binary Stars: Observational Tests of Model Results Watch Now
GarvinUMUnderstanding the emerging role of human-computer interaction in human space exploration Watch Now
GoderisMSULaser Alignment Accuracy and Feedback Control in High-Altitude Quantum Communications System Watch Now
LaDukeHopeSynthesis of 2-Aminoethyl Cinnamate for studying Responsive Liquid Crystal Elastomer Materials Watch Now
MasiakOaklandFake Multimedia Detection and Generation Watch Now
McInnesOaklandAccelerating the Gabor Transform with a GPU for SAR Image Compression Watch Now
SmithGVSUA Divide-and-Conquer Algorithm for Computing Voronoi Diagrams Watch Now
WylieHopeVapor Initiated Crystal Phase Transition of Cesium Halide Perovskites Watch Now
HoogendamCalvinExamining Radial Distributions of Multiple Populations in Globular Clusters Watch Now


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