Funding for College/University Faculty

MSGC provides opportunities for faculty at MSGC-affiliated colleges and universities to compete for $5,000 awards to support a wide variety of programs.

Research Seed Grants

Seed grants are designed to support junior faculty members or senior faculty members initiating a new area of research. This program is designed to facilitate the development of research expertise that will allow research activities to be proposed to other federal or non-federal funding sources.

Community College Collaboration Program Opportunity

Funding will be offered to support creative programs aimed at improving STEAM continuation outcomes for community college students interested in careers that align with NASA strategies. This effort will identify and reward innovative and successful models of collaboration between MSGC affiliated institutions and community colleges.

Educational Programs

MSGC provides funding for a suite of educational programs

    • Pre-College Education
    • Public Outreach
    • Teacher Training
    • Augmented Support