MSGC 2019 – 2020 Award Recipients

The tables below show all the MSGC award recipients for 2019-2020.

Undergraduate Fellowship

Bomers, MeredithHope CollegeDeveloping General Spin Dependent Compton Cross Sections in Strong Magnetic Fields
Chamberlain, CarmenHope CollegeCharacterization of Strontium-Doped Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticles with an Iron Oxide Core
Eikey, ErikMichigan State University"Petrographic and Chemical Analyses of Mid Continental Rift Dykes and Creation of Spatial
Analyses Program"
Hall, SawyerOakland University Investigating modulated laser pumping and heating for the spin-based energy harvesting of organic perovskite materials from Hz to GHz frequencies
Hammami, MouhamadOakland University Investigating Layer Stacking effect and the lateral and vertical temperature profiles in organic-inorganic hybrid perovskites
Hourihane, SophieUniversity of MichiganThe Viterbi Algorithm in the Search for Gravitational Waves
Jenkins, GeoffreyUniversity of MichiganMiniature Tether Electrodynamic Experiment
Crosby, JustOne Western Michigan UniversityDevelopment of Flexible Batteries using Printed Electronic Technology on Paper Substrates
Lalko, AlyssaOakland University Propulsion System Optimization for a Gas-Electric Hybrid Drone
LeMay, KelseyMichigan Technological UniversityProcessing of Porcine Internal Mammary Arteries for Human Bypass Graft Applications
Leu, EricHope CollegeThe Identification of Landslides and Forest Gaps in Monteverde, Costa Rica through Integrating High-Resolution Satellite Imagery and Ground-Based Measurements
Loeza, LettyUniversity of MichiganTraveling Ionospheric Disturbances
Merz, RachelEastern Michigan UniversityAlteration of Neoarchean Ultramafic Rocks in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula
Miciuda, ErikaMichigan State UniversityMineral Chemistry Analysis Using ICPMS of Minerals Within Basalts from the Turkana Region
Monroe, SerenityUniversity of Michigan
Seper, BrianCalvin UniversityTemperature and Bilayer Effects on Gramacidin A Ion Channels
Shepard, BrookeOakland University Development of a Low-Cost 2D Clinostat to Simulate Microgravity in Pluripotent Stem Cells
Tarach, AnnaGrand Valley State UniversityBlocking Electrochemical Collisions for Nanoscale Sensors and Single Bacteria Tracking
Uwimana, ArmandineHope CollegeGeneralized Physical Property Modeling with Similarity Variables from the SRK Equation
Wingate, CharlieOakland University A User-friendly Fault Injection Framework for Reliable Autonomous System Development

Graduate Fellowship

Acosta, KrystalUniversity of MichiganCharacterizing the Pyroelectric Effects of Macro-fiber Composites
Alian, OsamaMichigan State UniversityA Biogeochemical Model of Complex Metabolism in an Early Earth Analog
Bigalke, JeremyMichigan Technological UniversityEffect of Blue Light Exposure on Sleep Efficiency in Space
Brandt, DanielUniversity of MichiganImproved Modeling of Thermospheric Density via CubeSat Ephemeris Assimilation
Brouwers, CarlyGrand Valley State UniversityTurtles in trouble: The impacts of urbanization on two threatened turtle species.
Burkwald, CoryMichigan Technological UniversityGroundwater Flow for Seasonally Snow Dominated Catchments
Cockfield, BenjaminMichigan Technological UniversityPhysiological Responses to Upper Body Aerobic Exercise with Blood Flow Restriction
Eberhard, ErinMichigan Technological UniversitySpatial heterogeneity of N2 fixation and denitrification across a wetland - stream - lake interface
Edoimioya, NosakhareUniversity of MichiganA Fundamental Study to Enable Cheap, Fast and Accurate Desktop 3D Printers
Gardner, TylerUniversity of MichiganUsing Precision Interferometry for Detecting Exoplanets
Gilmore, CassidyGrand Valley State UniversityTemperature Tolerance in Staghorn Coral
Glassen, FrederickGrand Valley State UniversityCompetitive interactions between native Brook Trout and introduced Brown Trout: an exploration of niche partitioning using temporal and spatial diet
Golus, FrancescaGrand Valley State UniversityMolecular Lifeboats to Ararat: Microsatellite Analysis of Chimpanzee Populations in Zoos
Gonzalez, JoshuaMichigan Technological UniversityThe Effects of a Negative Energy Balance on Orthostatic Tolerance
Harman, TylerGrand Valley State UniversityThe Northern Star Coral (astrangia poculata): A Guiding Light During Climate Change
Harris, CamillaUniversity of MichiganMulti-fluid Magnetohydrodynamic Modeling of Europa's Plasma Interaction with Jupiter's Magnetosphere
Hunawill, EmilyOakland UniversityDetection of Microcystins with Aptamer Based Biolayer Interferometry
Kibler, RyanMichigan Technological UniversityElucidating the Direct and Indirect Photochemical Transformation of Dissolved Free Amino Acids in the Natural Aquatic Environment
Lowran, KaitlinOakland UniversityEvaluating the Delayed Effects of Microgravity on Human Health
Mancuso, JasmineGrand Valley State UniversityExploring drivers of eutrophication and its symptoms in a model Great Lakes estuary
Markwardt, LarissaUniversity of MichiganSearch for Earth Trojans with DECam
Miller, JakeWayne State UniversityZowada Observatory Photometric Follow Up of DESI Transients
Mitchell, JaredUniversity of MichiganSolute Incorporation in GaAsNBi Alloys
Nichols, IanMichigan Technological UniversityCauses and Consequences of Catastrophic Thermoskarst Lake Drainage in Northern Alaska
Potter, NicholasMichigan Technological UniversityKeweenaw 2018 Flooding: Environmental and Anthropogenic Effects
Rodriguez-feo, EduardoMichigan Technological UniversityDoes light decay differently in turbulent clouds than in idealized uniform clouds?
Setterholm, BenjaminUniversity of MichiganMYSTIC Polarimetry
Shane, AlexanderUniversity of MichiganPhotoelectron Scattering and Precipitation Processes at Mars
Skocelas, KatherineGrand Valley State UniversityImproved Robotic Software in Unexpected Environmental Scenarios Using AI
Swiger, BrianUniversity of MichiganInvestigating keV electrons in the inner magnetosphere
Trepal, DanielMichigan Technological UniversityUsing Historical Spatial Data Infrastructures as a Tool for Hazard Assessment
Wade, BrianMichigan State UniversityAn Improved Habitability Index for Mars Exploration
White, JoshuaWestern Michigan UniversityReal-Time Computation of Biological Neuron Current Stimuli
Whitley, KevinUniversity of MichiganTime-Domain Signals of Supermassive Black Hole Binaries

NASA Internships

NameInstitution/NASA CenterInternship Position
Adler, EytanUniversity of Michigan/Langley Research CenterWind tunnel testing of scale model rockets at subsonic to hypersonic speeds to validate computational aerodynamic analyses
Ascrizzi, KittyUniversity of Michigan/Jet Propulsion LaboratoryPsyche Payload Testing
Bekker, TrentUniversity of Michigan, Dearborn/Stennis Space CenterProgram Management Intern in the Design and Construction group
Bowling, LaurenMichigan Technological University/Langley Research CenterBulk Metallic Glass
Feber, GabrielleMichigan Technological University/Goddard Space Flight CenterEffective Cleaning of Protected Aluminum Mirrors with Metal-Fluoride Overcoats
George, AmberUniversity of Michigan/Kennedy Space CenterSwamp Works – Mechanical Engineer
Harris, SheyenneUniversity of Michigan/Goddard Space FlightCenterEnvironmental Engineering Intern
Medema, AlexHope College/Goddard Space Flight CenterBasic Comparison of High-Level Programming Languages

Hands-On NASA-related Experiences for Student groups (HONES)

Group NameCollege/UniversityTitle/Competition
GVSU PulsarsGrand Valley State UniversityEuropa: Mini-Arm End-Effector (NASA Microgravity NExT Mini-Arm End-Effector Challenge)
Compact Localized Augmented Work Station Team University of MichiganNASA SUITS Challenge
Mapleseed ProjectUniversity of MichiganPassive wireless in-situ sensor platform
Michigan Mars Rover TeamUniversity of MichiganUniversity Rover Challenge
Robotic Exploration of Space TeamUniversity of MichiganNASA Robotic Mining Competition

Research Seed Grant

Burns, ClementWestern Michigan UniversitySynthesis and Evaluation of Novel Skutterudites
Cholias, IliasOakland UniversityModeling Solar Modulation of Cosmic Rays Analytically with Data from 2006 to 2016
Hamsher, SarahGrand Valley State UniversitySinkhole Microbial Communities: Does Diversity and Possible Allelopathy Contribute to Unique Ecological Functionality?
Krug, BrianGrand Valley State UniversitySensing Properties of a New Magnetic Nanoparticle Based Gyroscope
Louie, Wing-YueOakland UniversityEvaluating a Virtual Reality-based Interface for Teaching Humanoids
Mathews, AdamWestern Michigan UniversityRemotely Sensed Three-Dimensional Urban Change
Nezamoddini, NasimOakland UniversityDesigning Self-Adaptive Algorithms for Cognitive Spacecraft
Proppe, DarrenCalvin UniversityThe effects of anthropogenic noise on bluebird reproductive success, health, and survivorship
Rivera, PhillipHope CollegeIdentifying landslides and canopy gaps in the cloud forest of Monteverde, Costa Rica using high-resolution multispectral satellite imagery
Villa-Diaz, LuisOakland UniversityUse of simulated microgravity to investigate stem cell properties
Yang, ZimingOakland UniversityInvestigating Mineral-Promoted Amino Acid Interconversions in Hydrothermal Fluids

Public Outreach Program

EducatorInstitution or OrganizationTitle
Gipson, KarenGrand Valley State UniversityRoger That!
Van Dijk, DeannaCalvin UniversityReaching Students with Science at a Strategic Moment: The Appeal of Earth Science Research on Lake Michigan Dunes

PreCollege Program

EducatorInstitution or OrganizationTitle
Alayont, FeryalGrand Valley State University2019 Mathematics and Science Summer Camp
Dickens, KathyElkton-Pigeon-Bay Port Laker School DistrictImplementation of Flight and Space classes at Laker Junior High
Elmer, SteveMichigan Tech. UniversityIntroducing Space Medicine to High School Students in the Upper Peninsula
Girard, AnouckUniversity of MichiganQuadcopter Quidditch: An Aerospace Outreach Program for Students in Grades 4-10
Maas, SarahGrand Valley State University2019 STEPS Camp for Girls
Pachla, KrisGrand Valley State UniversityEnergizing our World: Exploring Renewable Energy and Sustainability
Ruffner, SueEngineering Society of DetroitGirls in Engineering Academy

Teacher Training Program

EducatorInstitution or OrganizationTitle
Chadde, JoanMichigan Technological UniversityBringing Engineering to Rural, Low Income Native American Early Elementary Children & in the U.P. via Teacher-Training and Outreach Events
Gochis, EmilyCopper County ISDGeo-Investigations through Virtual Field Experiences Using Virtual Reality Kits to Document and Explore Changes in Our Watershed
Sheerin, JamesEastern Michigan UniversityDestination Mars

Multiple Educational Programs

EducatorInstitution or OrganizationTitle
Ipri Brown, SusanHope CollegeAir Quality Monitoring in the Middle and High School Grades
Gibson, CharlesMichigan Science CenterScopes in the City
Kobus, ChrisOakland UniversityEarth System Science STEM Camps, Outreach and Teacher Training (K-12 Students and Teachers, and the Community)
Mann, Eric and Ipri Brown, SusanHope CollegeEngineering The Future Academy
Webb, MariaDetroit Area Pre College Education ProgramGalaxy Girls


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