2022 Fall Conference Virtual Presentations

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Virtual Presentations

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Joshua L. Mehay - Business Management

The green energy wave is upon us. our Caelus launch system is in development. This system eliminates or significantly reduces the need for chemical propulsion rockets to leave the earth. We aim to transition rocketry to renewables.
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High order models for turbulent ocean-atmosphere interaction

Dr. Mustafa Aggul, PhD, Hacettape University; Dr. Alexander E. Labovsky, PhD, Michigan Technological University; Ms. Eda Onal, BS, Hacettape University; Mr. Kyle J. Schwiebert, MS, Michigan Technological University

Focusing on a simplified 2D setting, we investigate fluid-fluid interaction problems as a proxy for atmosphere-ocean interaction problems. We develop the first unconditionally stable model for turbulent flow problems in this setting. We next show how this model can be extended through the use of LES-C models, an exciting and new class of turbulent models, yielding a second order accurate scheme. This represents the first successful application of LES-C turbulence models outside a pure incompressible flow setting. All results are demonstrated with both numerical analysis and a variety of quantitative and qualitative benchmark problems.
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Michigan Resources on Climate and Land Change Education: Connecting Video Stories with Climate Science Data.

Leah Anderson, B.Sc., graduate student, Kristin Davis, undergraduate student, Elena Lioubimtseva, Ph.D., faculty, Geography and Sustainable Planning Department, GVSU

MiRCLE project focuses on development of online resources for Michigan 6-12-grade teachers on climate change, land-use and land-cover changes, human vulnerability to climate impacts, and climate justice. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our project proved to be especially timely, helping teachers to pivot to online instruction, and to obtain digital materials and equipment helping to alleviate the digital divide. Now Michigan schools are back to in-person instruction but the need for more nimble instruction tools helping schools to adapt to uncertain future remains. This year project expands on the MIRCLE materials developed in 2020-21 and 2021-22, linking online digital datasets with outdoors experiential hands-on learning. Video stories documenting impacts of climate change on Michigan communities and livelihoods are used to illustrate case studies integrating online databases from NASA and other sources with outdoor visualization.
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A Woman's Place is in Orbit: Roger That's Female-Centered 2022 Symposium

Jack Daleske, Planetarium Manager, B.A., Grand Rapids Public Museum; Karen Gipson, Ph.D., Professor of Physics, Grand Valley State University; Samhita Rhodes, Ph.D., Professor of Engineering, Grand Valley State University; Rob Schuitema, B.F.A., Director of Public Programs, Grand Rapids Public Museum; Glen Swanson, M.S., Board member, Roger B. Chaffee Scholarship Fund; Deana Weibel, Ph.D., Professor of Anthropology, Grand Valley State University.

Roger That! is a celebration of space exploration in honor of Roger B. Chaffee, organized by GVSU in collaboration with Grand Rapids Public Museum (GRPM), featuring academic speakers and K12 outreach. The 2022 event was offered in hybrid modality, with prestigious online speakers on Friday morning, transitioning to in-person workshops, an open reception, and keynote speaker astronaut Col. Eileen Collins (in-person and live-streamed), supporting the theme of "Women and Space." Saturday saw a record number of organizations presenting outreach in-person at GRPM. The online aspects provided greater accessibility for both participants and speakers, while the in-person aspects supported community-building. Local schoolchildren were allowed to submit their design challenge projects in either format, and internal funding was acquired to create 100 STEM kits for local 5th graders. The 2022 MSGC grant covers the seventh symposium in February 2023, which is also planned as hybrid with the theme "History of Space Exploration."
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Pathways to Explore - STEM Afterschool Enrichment

Elizabeth Zinck, Outreach Coordinator, ExploreHope Academic Outreach, Hope College AND Susan Ipri Brown, MSME, Director, ExploreHope Academic Outreach and Associate Professor of Engineering Instruction, Hope College

ExploreHope partnered with Boys and Girls Club of Holland (BGCH) and area middle schools to provide career-based science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) activities focused on middle school students. Students participated in either an 8 week, once-a-week after school program or several half day sessions. The project aims to increase students’ confidence in their ability to be successful in STEM skills and students’ consideration of STEM careers. Pathways to Explore introduces middle school students to the Engineering Design Process as well as different engineering disciplines. Hands-on projects are both more engaging and more realistic to the “real world” of STEM than classes can be, hooking a larger range of students. Students also develop relationships with Hope College students who can model the college experience, and provide valuable advice about attending college as part of their career paths.
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