MSGC Faculty Mentors

The information in the table below demonstrates the breadth of fields that produce MSGC fellowship recipients.  Any professor at a MSGC member institution is eligible to be a mentor/advisor for students on MSGC fellowship. The faculty in the table below are familiar with Michigan Space Grant Consortium’s fellowship programs and welcome student interest.  They may or may not be available to mentor a student any particular year.

InstitutionDepartmentFaculty namesCampus RepresentativeHas Mentored an Undergraduate
Calvin UniversityPhysics and AstronomyLarry Molnar
Physics and AstronomyJason Smolinski
Geology, Geography, and Environmental StudiesMelinda Higley
Geology, Geography, and Environmental StudiesDeanna Van Dijk
Physics and Astronomy Loren Haarsma
Eastern Michigan UniversityGeography and GeologyChristine Clark
Mathematics and StatisticsRoxanne KatusX
PhysicsJames Sheerin
Mathematics and StatisticsKenneth M. Shiskowski
Grand Valley State UniversityBiologyGary Greer
ChemistryRichard Lord
ChemistryRandy Winchester
ChemistryAndrew Lantz
ChemistryScott Thorgaard
GeologyPatrick Colgan
GeologyVirginia Peterson
GeologyJohn Weber
Water ResourcesBopi Biddanda
BiologyEric B. Snyder
BiologyAlexandra Locher
BiologyPaul Keenlance
BiologyMegan Woller-Skar
BiologyJennifer Moore
BiologyGeorgette Sass
BiologyAmy Russell
BiologySarah Hamsher
Biology and Natural ResourcesMatthew Cooper
Computing & Information SystemsChristian Trefftz
Electrical EngineeringBrian Krug
Computing & Information SystemsByron DeVries
Mechanical EngineeringWendy Reffeor
Water ResourcesCarl Ruetz III
Hope CollegeChemistryJeffrey Johnson
ChemistryJason Gillmore
EngineeringCourtney Peckens
EngineeringMatthew Smith
EngineeringKatharine Polasek
EngineeringMichael Misovich
Geological and Environmental SciencesSuzanne DeVries-Zimmerman
Geological and Environmental SciencesEdward Hansen
MathematicsYew Meng Koh
MathematicsBrian Yurk
PhysicsPeter Gonthier
ChemistryNatalia Gonzalez-Pech
MathematicsAaron Cinzori
MathematicsDarin Stephenson
EngineeringSusan Ipri Brown
ChemistryChristopher Turlington
EngineeringJeffrey Christians
Michigan State UniversityEarth and Environmental SciencesSusannah Dorfman
Earth and Environmental SciencesTyrone Rooney
Electrical & Computer EngineeringVirginia AyresX
Earth and Environmental SciencesMichael Velbel
Physics and AstronomyLaura Chomiuk
Earth and Environmental SciencesKazuya Fujita
Earth and Environmental SciencesDavid Hyndman
Earth and Environmental SciencesKevin Mackey
Michigan Technological UniversityMaterials Science and EngineeringJaroslaw Drelich
Biomedical EngineeringJeremy Goldman
Electrical and Computer EngineeringChristopher Middlebrook
Geological & Mining Engr and Sci.Aleksey Smirnov
Kinesiology & Integrative PhysiologySteve Elmer
PhysicsWill Cantrell
Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences James DeGraff
Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology Zhiying Shan
Mechanical Engineering James DeClerck
Biomedical Engineering Smitha Rao
Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences Thomas Oommen
Physics Raymond Shaw
Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology William Cooke
Mechanical Engineering Hassan Masoud
Materials Science and Engineering Doug Swenson
Mechanical Engineering Lyon B. King
Chemistry Andrew Galerneau
Neurobiology Chunxiu (Traci) Yu
Student Leadership and Involvement Jessie Stapleton
Chemistry Loredana Valenzano-Slough
Aerospace Studies John F O’Kane, Lt Col, USAF
Oakland UniversityBiologyLuis Villa Diaz
ChemistrySanela Martic
ChemistryEvan Trivedi
ChemistryColin Wu
Computer Science and EngineeringJingshu Chen
Electrical and Computer EngineeringOsamah Rawashdeh
Mechanical EngineeringLaila Guessous
PhysicsWei Zhang
Environmental Chemistry Ziming Yang
Biochemistry Adam Avery
Industrial and Systems Engineering Nasim Nezamoddini
Organic Chemistry Roman Dembinski
Saginaw Valley State UniversityChemistryJennifer Chaytor
Computer Sci. & Information Systems Sci.Abir Rahman
University of MichiganChemistryKerri Pratt
Climate and Space Sciences and Engr.Mark Moldwin
PhysicsKeith Riles
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Brian Gilchrist
Physics David Gerdes
Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering Susan Lepri
Astronomy Kayhan Gultekin
Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering Shasha Zou
Physics Fred Adams
Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering Jim Raines
Astronomy Mateusz Ruszkowski
Wayne State UniversityPhysicsEd CackettX
Inorganic Charles Winter
Inorganic Federico Rabuffetti
Western Michigan UniversityElectrical and Computer EngineeringDamon Miller
Electrical and Computer EngineeringMassood Atashbar
Mechanical and Aerospace EngineeringKristina Lemmer
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Jennifer Hudson
Biological Sciences Kathryn Docherty
Biological Sciences John Jellies
Biological Sciences David Karowe
Electrical and Computer Engineering Bradley Bazuin
Electrical and Computer Engineering Damon Miller


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